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Networking events to unite the community in Pasadena's many collaborative spaces.

In collaboration with our partners (Cross Campus, WeWork, and CTRL Collective), Innovate Pasadena hosts of variety of events at local coworking spaces to facilitate knowledge transfer, community connection and organizational awareness. Volunteers from the IP community provide advice and guidance to any and all who attend these sessions. Our presenters are experts in their field and the topics they have discussed have ranged from pitchdeck review to product design.

Program participants

Experience Pasadena's Many Coworking Spaces

Being an entrepreneur can be an exciting experience, but it's important to maintain a connection with others. We help entrepreneurs and freelancers interact and connect through social events and talks on a variety of topics at Pasadena's collaborative spaces.

Program Benefits

  • Connect with others in your industry
  • Learn something new from a local subject matter expert
  • Get a special tour of Pasadena's coworking spaces
  • Get special discount offers from participating coworking spaces

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