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About Innovate Pasadena

We help entrepreneurs and cutting-edge organizations connect and succeed

Innovate Pasadena is part community, part platform, and all about the future. Our programs serve to eliminate the silos that exist between industries and encourage communication, collaboration, and success. Our vision is for a Pasadena that exists at the intersection of science, design, and technology, connecting the people to a brighter tomorrow.


Innovate Pasadena is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, incorporated in the State of California. We continue to be almost all volunteer-driven, with minimal full-time staff to assist the elected leadership team and board of directors.

We were founded in 2012 by a small group of community and business leaders from Caltech, Art Center, PCC, the city, and local established and emerging tech companies. These original members had a shared vision to strengthen their home city by supporting activities that foster innovation. In June 2013, the newly-formed group celebrated a fantastic launch under the name "Innovate Pasadena", attracting over 600 entrepreneurs, engineers, venture capitalists, educators, designers, students, CEOs, and actual rocket scientists. Everyone present shared an interest in growing the local innovation community.

"Innovate Pasadena recognizes that collaboration is key to progress."

Mike Giardello, Co-Founder, Innovate Pasadena

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to advance greater Pasadena as a center for technology and design innovation by supporting collaboration across and within business, academia and the broader community in order to attract and retain companies, entrepreneurs, innovators and capital.

Pasadena is one of the most dynamic and unique communities in Southern California. Home to some of the world’s leading science, research, design, and cultural institutions, this seemingly sleepy city has been a long-time center for top innovators and ideas. Pasadena’s reputation worldwide attracts people from every industry to tackle major challenges and create ground-breaking innovations.

Innovate Pasadena functions as the vehicle that brings together all of these parts toward the shared goal of creating a lively business and cultural community. Innovate Pasadena is run by a Board of Directors made up of local business leaders, entrepreneurs, city government officials, scientists, designers, and educators.

The original vision of our organization remains steadfast: to create a vibrant ecosystem of technology and design innovation in the greater Pasadena area that supports sustainable economic growth. We support and accelerate collaboration across and within business, academia, and the broader community in order to attract and retain companies, entrepreneurs, innovators, and capital.

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