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New Meet-ups Announced for 2016

By Michelle Garrett — January 27, 2016

As Pasadena’s innovation community grows, so do the meet-up options. Pasadena’s tech and design scene has weekly meet-ups on a wide variety of topics from Wordpress and healthcare innovation to the range of speakers and ideas shared at the weekly Friday Morning Coffee Meet-ups and each month’s TechSparks’ events. We are excited to share that these options will be expanding with new groups focusing on cybersecurity and design in 2016.

On February 9, join fellow thought leaders for the latest Design X meet-up at ADP’s Innovation Center in Pasadena featuring user experience pioneer and author Lou Rosenfeld. The ADP User Experience team along with Rosenfeld Media will be hosting the February event with the support of the new Design X meet-up.

Design X organizers and attendees are passionate about integrating design into their professional and business lives. Says co-organizer Agustin Grube, “Design X will feature a series of events, workshops and programs that advocate design, creativity, and research.” Grube and his fellow organizers hope that Design X will contribute to Pasadena’s vibrant business, technology and design innovation ecosystem. Grube is the founder of Bayfish, a branding, web design and digital marketing agency based in Pasadena.

Also new to the community is the Cybersecurity meet-up taking place on February 10 at Guidance Software focusing on Healthcare and Cyber-Attacks. The innovators behind the new meetup recognize that cybersecurity is a growing concern for both consumers and businesses. The group is geared towards job creators, big business, small business and independents who are interested in conversation about industry trends and analysis surrounding all aspects of cybersecurity.

The topic of cybersecurity has been an ongoing thread from many other meetups and events taking place in Pasadena over the last year. “We took a poll and determined that meetups dedicated to cybersecurity would provide tremendous value to Pasadena professionals and entrepreneurs” said co-organizer Michael Schell. “As Innovate Pasadena and others who participate in expanding Pasadena’s tech industry got together to discuss next steps, we discovered rather quickly that many folks are just as passionate (if not more) about cybersecurity.” Schell is the founder of Laconicly, a veteran owned and operated company providing cybersecurity services.

For more information on these meet-ups and to register to attend, please visit their respective meetup pages at Design X Meetup and Cybersecurity Meetup. Stay tuned for more Innovate Pasadena meet-up announcements in the coming weeks!

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