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Innovator Spotlight: Kip Thorne & The Science Behind Interstellar

By Michelle Garrett — April 23, 2015
Has anyone ever described you as “one of the smartest people on earth?” For Caltech professor emeritus Kip Thorne, he earned those props in front of millions when the award- winning movie Interstellar took home the Oscar for best Visual Effects, a movie for which Thorne consulted on introducing cutting-edge physics to movie-goers the worldwide. Thorne wrote the elaborate mathematical equations that enabled filmmakers to create them digitally on screen eliciting thought-provoking and serious debate about the complicated scientific concepts that the film explores. Thorne was determined to treat the science of Interstellar seriously. He published a companion book to the movie titled “The Science of Interstellar,” which explains the outer reaches of theoretical physics breaking it down for the average Joe. Kip makes it clear that the science behind the movie did not violate the laws of physics and any speculations about physical laws were grounded in principles consistent with science. According to Thorne, “For a scientist… it is absolutely essential if you want to leap over across the boundaries of human knowledge and make guesses and test those guesses.” Check out Kip Thorne & Interstellar Director Christopher Nolan on the science behind the physics of Interstellar: [embed][/embed] Video courtesy of
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