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Innovator Spotlight: Grant Delgatty, URB-E Co-Founder & CEO

By Michelle Garrett — February 19, 2015
Pasadena is chock full of cool and interesting people and inventions. When choosing someone to spotlight for our February issue we didn’t have to look far for inspiration. Grant Delgatty is a Product Design Instructor at Art Center College of Design and an inventionary. What’s an “inventionary?” In his own words, “inventionaries are people that are creating new things and innovating to make the world a better place.” Grant’s latest invention is the URB-E, the first foldable electric vehicle designed for urban commuters that can go up to 20 miles on a charge. Imagine cruising up and down Colorado Boulevard and then some without the headache of traffic and parking. Grant’s invention meets the needs of a fast growing market centered around alternative forms of clean energy transportation for urban commuters. Want to know more? Read more here:
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