Are you interested in organizing a Meetup or program for the Pasadena innovation community, but don’t know how to get started?

Innovate Pasadena (IP) provides assistance to groups interested in producing events that are consistent with the mission of IP, including Marketing/Promotional Support, Financial Support and Back-office/Operational Support. (Financial Support is provided for a period of 12 months from the date of your first event.)

If so, become an Innovate Pasadena Meetup Creator, and we’ll help to get your idea off the ground.

Marketing/Promotional Support

  • Event posted on IP website event calendar
  • Event information shared on social media
  • Event information included in IP scheduled email newsletters
  • Featured blog post on IP website (schedule permitting)
  • Assist in finding a venue

Financial Support

  • Up to $200 per event in event-related expenses , no more than once a month over a period of 12 months from the date of your first event 

Back-office/Operational Support

  • Process event income and expenses
  • Ability to use IP’s Eventbrite account for event ticketing

The following terms apply to groups requesting financial or back office support:

  • An event budget must be submitted prior to the collection of any funds (Budget template is provided)
  • Event expenses cannot exceed the event income
  • All expense reimbursement requests must be accompanied by receipts and completed using our reimbursement form
  • IP does not provide any event organization and or implementation
  • Meetup Creators agree to list IP as the supporting organization and include logo placement in the promotion of their events
  • Any usage of IP’s 501c3 status will require a written agreement between both parties

The Process

  1. Meetup Creator Event application submitted
  2. Application is reviewed by members of the IP Program Committee to determine if the event is consistent with the mission of IP and current program objectives
  3. The committee decides if IP should provide support
  4. Applicant will be contacted with Committee’s decision

Here’s a list of our Current Meetup Creators:

  • Cybersecurity Meetup  (Innovators: Michael Schell, Nardo Manaloto, Michael Harris) is a quarterly meetup that covers Cybersecurity topics across industries.
  • Design X (Innovators: Agustin Grube, Chuck  Chugumlung) is a monthly event on Design-focused topics.
  • Enterprise Tech LA (Innovators: Diana Barraza and Kristina Yu) is a quarterly meetup for community for entrepreneurs, UX designers, developers, project managers and individuals interested in the development and design of Enterprise products.
  • Living in Space (Innovators: Yalda Mousavinia, Brayden DeVito, Patrick D, and Srinath) is a monthly meetup intended to encourage cross-pollination of ideas amongst designers, engineers, artists and thinkers that are interested in all aspects of becoming a spacefaring civilization.
  • Pasadena AI, Blockchain, Crypto, Investors Meetup is a monthly meetup that explores the development, application, and social impact of AI and blockchain.
  • Pasadena Women in Technology (Innovators: Tracy Randall, Melody King, Liz Krane) Talk over food and drink with cool women in tech.
  • We’ll Talk UX (Innovator: Mike Estano)  is a monthly meetup focused on contributing feedback to the UX design community.

Alumni Meetup Creators (Previously known as Program Innovators):

  • Healthcare Innovation Design Technology Startup Accelerator (Innovator: Nardo Manaloto) is a monthly seminar series that discusses the potential for innovation, design, technology and entrepreneurship in the healthcare industry.
  • IP Friday Morning Coffee Meetup (Innovators: Mike Schaffer) is a weekly speaker series that highlights local innovators and provides the local community an inside look on the innovation happening in our city.
  • TechSparks (Innovator: Jennifer Chang and Sonya Lee) is a monthly meetup for early-stage entrepreneurs working on innovative new ideas to practice their investor pitch and get feedback from other entrepreneurs.

Want to Learn More?

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