In the Fall of 2015, Innovate Pasadena invited a select group of Pasadena’s most prominent business and civic leaders to serve as Founding Members of the Innovate Pasadena Leadership Council.  These extraordinary individuals are listed below.


There are two ways in which the Leadership Council supports Innovate Pasadena’s expansion of a vibrant ecosystem of technology and design innovation in Pasadena.  First, through a minimum $5,000 annual commitment for three years.  And second, by providing advice and counsel as their time and inclination permit.  Throughout the year, Leadership Council members are invited to exclusive Innovate Pasadena events.


Innovate Pasadena Leadership Council Co-chairs

Bill Bogaard
Jim Ellis
Harvey Knell

Innovate Pasadena Leadership Council Members

Michael & Janice Barker *
Olin & Ann Barrett *
Mark Bevan & Maureen Crow *
Bill & Claire Bogaard *
Ezra Callahan *
Drs. Tom Chang & Lily Lee *
Margaret Leong Checca
Patrick Chraghchian & Marlene Markari *
Jim & Gail Ellis *
Roger and Michele Dedeaux Engemann *
Bill & Brenda Galloway *
Donald & Taylor Hall *
Kin Hui
Mark & Amanda Holdsworth *
Harvey & Ellen Knell *
Jerry & Terri Kohl *
Shawn & Jennifer McCreight
Greg & Stephanie McLemore *
Serge Melkizian
Sean & Andrea Moriarty *
Dominic Ng *
Dale Okuno *
Stefanos Polyzoides & Elizabeth Moule *
Christopher & Anna-Christine Rising *
Rob & Debbie Rodin *
SriniVas Sadda, M.D.
Steve &  Christina Streit *
Stender & Polly Sweeney *

* Leadership Council Founding Member

If you are interested in learning more about the Leadership Council, please email