CONNECT ’17 Tech Ride:  Join us on a 2-hour tour of some of Pasadena’s most interesting and innovative companies, including Sellbrite, Citrusbits, Bluebeam, URB-E, Interactivism, companies in coworking spaces, and many more!
Starting at URB-E headquarters, you’ll be treated to a behind the scenes look at companies and organization in Pasadena doing some amazing innovation and compelling science! Ride an URB-E, Pasadena’s favorite fold-able electric scooter, from one place to the next! Enjoy light food and see what makes Pasadena’s innovation hub thrive.  Come along!

CONNECT ’17 URB-E Derby:  Celebrating the spirit of collaboration, the Connect URB-E Derby gives participants a chance to poke fun at friendly rivalries among organizations, companies, and industries. Cheered by supporters, teams of 2 to 4 people race relay-style on locally designed and manufactured foldable electric scooters called URB-Es. The Qualifying Round for the Derby will take place in front of the Rose Bowl on October 18 with the Final immediately preceding the Connect ’17 Festival in Centennial Square at Pasadena City Hall on October 20.  All proceeds from registration benefit STEAM:CODERS and the Math Academy.  WATCH the RACE!

CONNECT ’17 Festival:  The Connect Festival provides an opportunity for partners and attendees to come together for food, fun, and interactive showcases featuring new technology and innovative projects—in a unique beautiful setting directly in front of Pasadena City Hall.  The Connect ’17 Festival will feature exhibits by Honda of Pasadena featuring the Honda Clarity FUEL CELL and Clarity Electric, a 3D printing from MAKEiT, Inc, handmade tech from Jackalope Arts, the Future City by reDiscover Center, Supplyframe DesignLab, stargazing with the Planetary Society, and many more! VOLUNTEER!

ABOUT CONNECT ’17: Connect is a series of independently organized talks, workshops, and social events hosted in venues all across Greater Pasadena.  For 10 days in October, innovators of all kinds gather to share knowledge, showcase innovative products, and discuss new advancements and ideas.  Connect spans industries, job titles, backgrounds, age groups, and interests. ATTEND events during Connect ’17, October 13 – October 22, 2017.