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News Roundup - June 20, 2018

By Innovate Pasadena Staff — June 20, 2018

In Case You Missed It

Around Town

Pastilla Institute and Kremsa Design Merge, Bringing Marketing Magic to Pasadena Public Sector

The combined marketing agency, based in Pasadena, operates as Pastilla in North America while leveraging Kremsa Digital’s market visibility for its presence in Europe. Read More


There’s Waldo!

For the first time, neuroscientists from Caltech have found neurons in the human brain that respond when our targets are spotted. The research involved a collaboration with scientists at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, where the data were collected, and West Virginia University. Read More

New NASA Mission to Detect Plant Water Use from Space

In humans, a fever is a warning sign. The same goes for plants, but it’s hard to take their temperatures on a global scale. ECOSTRESS is about to change that. Read More

JPL’s Rover Curiosity Snaps a Selfie as It Rides Out Martian Dust Storm

NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover, managed by JPL in Pasadena, has sent back a selfie as it rides out a massive dust storm that has already caused the Opportunity rover to shut down because of the lack of sunlight. Read More


Bluebeam Acquires Project Atlas’ Groundbreaking SAAS Solution For The Construction Industry

Bluebeam, Inc., leading developer of innovative technology solutions for the architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) industries, announced today that is has acquired substantially all of the assets of privately held Project Atlas, LLC. Read More

Embodied Raises $22 Million in Series A

Pasadena-based Embodied, a startup which says it is developing "life-like robots to revolutionize care and wellness for humans", announced Monday morning that it has raised $22M in a Series A funding round. Read More

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