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News Roundup – January 31, 2018

By Innovate Pasadena Staff — February 1, 2018

The latest in Pasadena design, technology, science, and innovation community news.

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Alliance for Southern California Innovation Appoints Andy Wilson as First Executive Director

Serial tech entrepreneur and Pasadena City Council member Andy Wilson has been selected as the first Executive Director of the Alliance for Southern California Innovation, a nonprofit established to nurture and accelerate the growth of an entrepreneurial ecosystem in Southern California. Read More


Caltech and Disney Engineers Collaborate on Robotics

Caltech and Disney Research have entered into a joint research agreement to pioneer robotic control systems and further explore artificial intelligence technologies. The agreement could yield robots better able to interact smoothly with humans. Read More

Explorer 1: The Beginning of American Space Science

Sixty years ago, America launched its first satellite, the JPL-built Explorer 1, marking the beginning of science exploration in space. Read More

Survival Mode in a Tiny Worm's Brain

Caltech researchers have now discovered how the minuscule roundworm C. elegans, with such a limited neurological system, can so drastically change its behaviors. The findings may have implications for understanding how parasitic nematodes find and infect hosts. Read More


Tetra Tech Acquires BridgeNet International

Pasadena-based Tetra Tech announced that it has acquired Bridgenet International Inc. (BridgeNet). BridgeNet is an aviation technology solutions firm based in Newport Beach, California, that is focused on aerospace data analytics, environmental and acoustic consulting, and 3-dimensional airspace visualization for federal and commercial aviation customers. Read More

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