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News Roundup – April 26, 2018

By Innovate Pasadena Staff — April 26, 2018

The latest in Pasadena design, technology, science, and innovation community news.

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Board of Trustees Extends Contract of President Lorne M. Buchman through 2023

The board of trustees of ArtCenter College of Design announced that Lorne M. Buchman has renewed his contract as president and chief executive officer through 2023. Read More

Pasadena Angels ties with 500 Startups in US top 10

The Pasadena Angels is ranked as the top 10 angel investing groups in the United States according to the new Halo Report, tying with 500 Startups for 10th place among early seed stage investing groups in 2017. Read More

STEAM:CODERS and Warner Bros. Host PUSD Students for Day of Technology

Pasadena-based STEAM:CODERS took some students from Marshall and McKinley middle schools on a field trip to Warner Bros. Studios., in Burbank, for a behind -the-scenes look at how they make and manage “magic”. In addition to the back lot studio tour, the students received a backpack and laptop.


Detoured: Caltech’s Hackerspace

The folks at the SupplyFrame Design Lab have been spending their time visiting workshops and hackerspaces to see how they tick. Staff Designer Majenta Strongheart recently took a trip down the road to Caltech to check out their hackerspace. Read More

Stainless Code Awarded Patent for Computer Vision and AI Logging of Videos

Pasadena-based Stainless Code has been granted a patent which covers technology it developed to automatically create metadata from video content using computer vision and artificial intelligence. This metadata describes the content of the video and is the key to unlocking the value of an ever-growing global trove of video media. Read More

Coast Autonomous Signs Lease to Remain in Pasadena

Coast Autonomous, a self-driving vehicle technology company, announced that it has signed a lease agreement to have its headquarters remain in Pasadena, California. Read More


NASA Engineers Dream Big with Small Spacecraft

In the past two decades, mini-satellites called CubeSats have made space accessible to a new generation. These briefcase-sized boxes are more focused in their abilities and have a fraction of the mass -- and cost -- of some past titans of space. Read More

Prevent a Leading Cause of Blindness

Hundreds of millions of people suffer from diabetes worldwide, putting them at risk for a creeping blindness, or diabetic retinopathy, that comes with the disease in its more advanced stages. Existing treatments, though effective, are painful and invasive, involving lasers and injections into the eyeball. Caltech graduate student Colin Cook (MS '16) thinks there's a better way. Read More

Machine-Learning Software Predicts Behavior of Bacteria

In a first for machine-learning algorithms, a new piece of software developed at Caltech can predict behavior of bacteria by reading the content of a gene. The breakthrough could have significant implications for our understanding of bacterial biochemistry and for the development of new medications. Read More

What Uranus Cloud Tops Have in Common With Rotten Eggs

Even after decades of observations and a visit by NASA's Voyager 2 spacecraft, Uranus held on to one critical secret -- the composition of its clouds. Now, one of the key components of the planet's clouds has finally been verified. Read More

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