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New Tech Hub for Pasadena

By Innovate Pasadena Staff — December 17, 2013

T.S. Eliot wrote that the most innovative aspects of a modern poet’s work might be those where “his ancestors assert their immortality most vigorously.”

One developer sees Old Pasadena’s venerable foundations as the perfect space for forward-thinking collaboration. Entrepreneur David Sacks, founding executive at Yammer and Paypal and early investor in some new household names, has partnered with Rising Realty Partners to turn a historic set of buildings into high-tech office spaces--including an eagerly awaited co-working space.

No stranger to technological development, Pasadena has nonetheless been a haven for more scientific and industrial tech design, from the academic hives of Caltech, JPL and Art Center. But Sacks and his developing partners believe it has all the makings of an inland Silicon Beach, and with enough distance and unique resources to be its own brand. That distance might be bridged soon though, with the extension of the Gold Line all the way to Santa Monica, by 2015. Next stop, the Silicon Foothills. Learn more here.
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