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Innovator Spotlight: High-tech Verrix Affords Planetary Protection

By Christopher Holly — March 19, 2015
As a spin-off from JPL/Caltech, the formation of Verrix was inspired by NASA’s investment in planetary protection. Every NASA space vehicle destined for another planetary body is subjected to a rigorous process of sterilization. JPL investigator and Verrix co-founder Adrian Ponce developed a new technique to improve the speed of this process. Subsequently, Dr. Ponce founded Verrix using funds from the Environmental Protection Agency and private investors to expand this technology into the realm of environmental monitoring and medical sterility assurance. Verrix began its tenancy in the Pasadena Bioscience Collaborative (PBC) in May 2014. What started out as a staff of two sharing a single bench and a desk has now expanded to a full-time staff of five, occupying an office and three benches. The support of the PBC has been integral to this young company’s recent expansion. “The facilities available to us here are top-notch,” says Verrix’ Head of Research and Development, Joshua Palmer. “We have benefitted greatly from the flexible setup of the PBC as we have scaled up our operations, and more than that, have really enjoyed the opportunity to work with the selfless people who staff the PBC and the brilliant scientists from other startup companies who occupy the benches and offices surrounding ours.” Read more here:
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