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Innovating for a Sustainable Future

By Neil Fromer — October 18, 2013
Guest Post by Neil Fromer, PhD & Executive Director of the Resnick Institute In the wake of another report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change showing with even more certainty that humans are causing climate change, it’s time to change the tone of the discussion. Instead of focusing on doom and gloom, let’s unleash the power of visionary scientists and engineers to create a sustainable future. At Caltech’s Resnick Sustainability Institute we’re trying to do just that. The Resnick Institute is Caltech’s studio for sustainability. Our goal is to enable scientists to catalyze provocative ideas across the traditional boundaries of science, an approach designed to develop the most transformative solutions for energy and the environment. We recognize that the key to transforming the future lies in translating these breakthroughs from the lab to the world at large. We are spearheading efforts across sectors to push innovators into the spotlight with new ideas. Two of these programs, FLOW and the Resonate Awards are focused on innovators from outside Caltech. First Look West (FLOW) is a cleantech business plan competition for university students from the western U.S. FLOW is about helping young entrepreneurs learn how to turn a groundbreaking technical idea into a marketable business. The Resonate Awards, our newest program, is a worldwide search for the best new innovators in sustainability from around the world. The goal of the awards is to celebrate innovators with new ideas or contributions to the field of sustainability that may not already have garnered widespread attention. The work can be from many fields including science, technology, economics, public policy or others. The first group of honorees will be presented and have their work highlighted at Fortune’s Brainstorm Green Conference in May 2014. FLOW is looking for student teams as well as experienced mentors for the 2013/2014 competition. Nominations for the Resonate Awards are open until November 4th. Sign up, nominate visionaries, and keep an eye on the Resnick Institute to follow our progress. Join me in celebrating the people willing to see the immense opportunities ahead.
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