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Collaboration with Microsoft Ventures Drives Rexter toward the Enterprise CRM Market

By Andy Wilson — July 23, 2015
As one of the 14 fortunate start-ups chosen from more than 500 to participate in this year’s Microsoft Ventures Digital Accelerator, the Rexter team realized we were at a crossroads with respect to market approach. RexterPro was designed to assist the hyper-connected sales professional by capturing and scoring their contact activities (calls, emails, meetings) and intelligently predicting “who to call next”. But Rexter had reached an inflection point: with the market oversaturated with light weight CRM solutions and large businesses financially committed to existing CRM licenses, RexterPro needed to finds its path. Confronted with the challenge of “packaging” our intellectual property into a marketable solution, we adjusted our direction and pivoted our focus to enterprise clients. We realized that we needed to find a market with a known pain point and ability to buy. During the four months at Microsoft and with the help of their marketing, engineering, and research teams, we explored the limitations to current enterprise CRM solutions (primarily Microsoft Dynamics CRM and and obstacles encountered by sales professionals. It is worth pointing out that what is particularly unique and compelling about the Microsoft Accelerator (as compared to “regular" accelerators) is their ability provide access to highly knowledgeable vertical market experts. Through these collaborations, it quickly became clear that CRM had become “painfully” desynchronized from how people actually work and Rexter could solve this problem. Rexter360, an enterprise version of RexterPro, grew out of this collaboration with Microsoft. Rexter360 operates in the background of sales representative’s current CRM systems, automatically capturing real time sales activities that come through mobile devices, desktop applications and the company VOIP switch. Rexter then uses this data to deliver engagement and relationship analytics directly into established CRM solutions enabling sales professionals to work smarter and sell more. We have test marketed it with a few dozen customer interviews and it was officially launched at the Microsoft Ventures Demo Day!
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