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Ayzenberg Group Celebrates 20 Years of Innovation in Pasadena

By Ayzenberg Group — January 3, 2014
Guest Post by Ayzenberg Group, Advertising Agency As Ayzenberg Group celebrates its 20th anniversary in Pasadena, we would like to reflect on the dynamics that originally brought us here. In the early 1990s, founder Eric Ayzenberg brought a decade of advertising and design experience acquired from both the East and West Coasts to an up-and-coming area of great potential in Pasadena. Although it seemed almost like another planet compared to the ad agency epicenters of Los Angeles and Santa Monica, Pasadena was a fresh and magical place to the pioneering crew of Ayzenberg Group – a fresh slate upon which to establish a new major center for professional design and digital advertising innovation. Now, twenty years later, The City of Pasadena is known as an innovation hub and has developed an impressive reputation in design and technology that is far reaching. These are exciting times. In Pasadena, we are fortunate to surround ourselves with the brightest of the brightest … which leads us to the important question: How does one continue to nurture a town’s creativity and innovation? For Ayzenberg, the answer was simple: connect with the next generation. We’ve just begun to collaborate with Art Center to teach their advertising students the disciplines of digital and social media marketing and will be holding the class within our agency on a weekly basis. In order to demonstrate the power of integration, experts from various departments within our agency will serve as course instructors. Additionally, we have decided to up the ante and will hopefully be constructing an additional, modern, architecturally significant, 50,000 square-foot creative facility adjoining our agency. For the next two years, we will be working with the City of Pasadena to make our design and architectural vision come to life. The addition will include offices for rent and an incubator space for outside companies, plus an art gallery, state-of-the-art kitchen, and sound stage. The building will showcase the best views of both Pasadena and the majestic San Gabriel mountains. Over the years, we’ve worked hard at our craft while transforming the environment of our agency into an architecturally significant creative playground that reflects the passion and aesthetic sensibilities of the 110 amazing individuals from all parts of the world that currently comprise our agency. And twenty years later, with all the changes we have experienced and seen, we are still captivated by the old-school charm of Pasadena. As we ponder on the time we’ve spent here, we share in the excitement we feel about the promise of Pasadena as a center of continuing innovation. Just as some of the earliest settlers in Southern California chose this place to reinvent their lives, we at Ayzenberg Group have always felt the spirit of innovation here in Pasadena. We hope all the new pioneers who will be joining us here will share in our passion, but so far, it appears we are in good company.
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