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Adobe comes to Pasadena

By Sonya Lee — October 16, 2014

Innovate Pasadena is proud to announce that The1stMovement and Adobe are hosting a series of events on Oct 24th on the topic of Interactive Design designed specifically for technologists, creatives, and digital marketers in Los Angeles. Click here for more details.

Defined as "the practice of designing interactive digital products, environments, systems, and services," Interactive Design (iXD) has had a tremendous impact on how we communicate and experience the world today.

As part of the Innovate Pasadena's Connect Week, join The1stMovement and Adobe as they host seminars, workshops and an interactive session from market research, mobile-first approach to interactive design. Experience the history and key milestones that shaped the world of Interactive Design. We will examine the current trends, and discuss with industry leaders what the future of Interactive Design might look like.

1:00-2:00pm DB5: The Value of Talking to your Customer: Market Research-led Innovation

2:00-3:00pm Mobile First - Design and Develop your product for the Mobile Age

3:00-4:00pm The Future of Interaction Design

4:00-9:00pm Adobe & The1stMovement present: The History of Interactive Design - An InteractiveExhibition of the last 9 years in Digital

For more information, visit:

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