Ai Super PowersOver the past few days, I mulled over possible themes for the blog post I was asked to write for Innovate Pasadena. Recently, my business partner in CatalAIze, Wen Dombrowski MD, was asked the question “What’s your super power?” It got me thinking about the relationship between AI & enhanced human abilities.

I am a big fan of superhero movies! Over the past few years, I’ve seen quite a few in this genre:  Avengers: Age of Ultron, Ant Man, Fantastic Four, Deadpool, X-Men Apocalypse, and one that I am particularly looking forward to – Dr. Strange. I always wonder what makes superhero movies so popular and I think I know the answer. Simply put, people are fascinated by superpowers! Superheroes can do fantastic things that normal people can’t. I then realized that technology plays a big part of being a superhero. A good example of this is Iron Man and Jarvis. Iron Man has an advanced metal suit that was operated by Jarvis, an Artificial Intelligence “being” comprised of smart bits and bytes. The physical robot and the software robot made Tony Stark a superhero. The rest is history.

On September 15th, Innovate Pasadena and the Caltech Office for Technology Transfer & Corporate Partnerships will host its 3rd Idea to Innovation (i2i) event. Themed “Innovation in Artificial Intelligence,” the event will feature a panel followed by an “Innovation Expo” featuring several startups who are taking technology out of the lab and into everyday life. I couldn’t help but relate back to how each of the participating startups are helping us become superhuman,  even at the nascent stage of artificial intelligence. Here are the startups and their super power:

Lumin.AI  – They have intelligent chat bots that would supplement the knowledge of brand experts and customer service personnel and personalize interactions to each one. Their superpower is ‘Knowledge Augmentation!’

Helynx – They provide an innovative graph database that is able to define the complex underlying data/knowledge structure in space and find what you want in an instant via visualization tools. Their superpower is ‘Complexity Untangling!’

Algobucket – They provide computer vision algorithms that can be used as an extension of your eye sight. Their algorithms can help detect emotions and pain just looking at your face. Their superpower is ‘Sensory Extension!’

Deep 6 Analytics – They provide AI software that can help identify clinical trial patients 22X faster than an ordinary human being. Their superpower is ‘Rapid Insights!’

ClevAPI – They provide a real-time service using computer vision to help you identify images and objects found in photos and videos. Their superpower is ‘Sensory Extension!’

Logical – Logical is an artificial intelligence technology that reads and pulls relevant information from all types of documents whether scanned or electronic. Their superpower is ‘Data Translation!’

iWithin –  iWithin combines the latest avatar and machine learning technology and scientific research to create a mindfulness guru. Their superpower is ‘Knowledge Digitization!’

IV.AI – IV.AI is a video testing and analytics deep learning platform that automatically captures moment by moment insights into viewer response. Their superpower is ‘Insights Visibility!’

Now, just imagine if I could take all these superpowers in, then I might become a superhero as well. I invite each one of you to attend the Innovation in AI event and watch the future of artificial intelligence unfold.

Yours Truly,



Nardo Manaloto, CEO of CatalAIze
CatalAIze is a virtual accelerator and consultancy firm for AI based startups.