hackadayPasadena-based Supplyframe just announced the return of the Hackaday Prize.  Following the success of their 2014 contest which drew entries from 55 countries, awarded over $350,000 in prizes and saw the creation of hundreds of truly excellent open hardware projects, the 2015 Hackaday Prize boasts the richest and most compelling prize pool ever!  The grand prize winner will receive a ticket into space along with other astounding prizes up for grabs with a total value of over $500,000.

“The world has some big problems that still need solving,” said Steve Flagg, Founder and CEO of Supplyframe.  “This year’s Hackaday Prize is all about inspiring people to tap into their hacker spirit and to build something that could make a difference for humanity.”

In keeping with The Hackaday Prize’s community focus, Supplyframe is excited to confirm hardware hacking notables as judges.  Joining the team this year are Ben Krasnow (GoogleX and host of Applied Science on YouTube, @benkrasnow), Akiba (Freaklabs, @Freaklabs), and Micah Scott (Scanlime, @Scanlime) alongside returning judges Limor “Ladyada” Fried (Adafruit, @adafruit), Elecia White (Logical Elegance, @logicalelegance), and Ian Lesnet (Dangerous Protoypes, @dangerousproto).

supplyframeIndividuals or teams from the USA, UK, India and many other countries are eligible to enter.  Universities, colleges hackerspaces, and startups are strongly encouraged to take part, as are young hackers.  Applicants must be 13 years of age or older to qualify.  Preliminary submissions via Hackaday.io are being accepted now through August 17, 2015.

The world’s problems can’t wait.  Share your ideas to help everyone get started.

To learn more visit hackaday.io/prize, watch the video, or follow contest news on Twitter at @hackadayprize or #hackadayprize.  You can also emailprize@hackaday.com.