No question about it…sports are a great way to meet and bond with new people. Innovate Pasadena (IP) made its first attempt to help local technology leaders bond through the fun and competition of sport. But unlike establishment businesses that typically op for golf, IP took a novel approach by moving the fun and competition to the tennis courts of the Athenaeum at Caltech. I think the reason tennis resonates with start-up leaders is both that it takes less time (we are super busy trying to get our companies to succeed and cannot typically afford the 3 – 4 hours on the links for a round of golf) and the fees for a tennis court pale next to green fees!

In its inaugural T3 event for tech CEOs and founders, IP brought together 15 tech leaders on the tennis courts. You may ask what is T3? Tennis, tech and tacos!

After 90 minutes of amazing fun on the courts (many thanks to our wonderful team of tennis pros coordinated by USPTA lead pro Dave Hagler) the group migrated to a fun outdoor taco and margarita party around the corner at the lovely home of John and Michele Waller where we were joined by another 30 local tech leaders.

It was truly a fun night on the tennis courts, but more importantly an opportunity for high quality connection making for our local innovation community. IP is dedicated to developing our local tech, design and entrepreneurial eco-system and events like this are a fantastic way to help local tech leaders connect. A special thanks to our various volunteers and our sponsors: Hunt Salembier of the Sterling Group (wealth management) and Hunt Turner of SullivanCurtisMonroe (commercial insurance brokerage). I am thrilled to announce that both have already committed to sponsoring next year’s T3 event! Given the generosity of our sponsors we were able to keep the event super affordable while netting a small profit to IP.

So sign up for lessons now so that you might join us in the summer of 2015 for an encore edition of IP’s T3 event!