Entrepreneurs, Techies, Designers, and Makers & Hackers – There’s a Meetup or Organization for You, Here in Pasadena



Entrepreneurship: Share, Learn and Connect

This is a monthly “mastermind” meetup for people who are or who want to start and run entrepreneurial organizations. We’ll look to have experts on relevant topics, but also to bring problems to the group to get its input.
Contact: Jim McCarthy

friday coffee logo 50x50 Innovate Pasadena Friday Morning Coffee

This informal weekly Friday morning coffee group is part of the Innovate Pasadena effort.  It is for local tech/innovation leaders who are interested in engaging and collaborating with other area thought leaders in an informal setting.
Contact:  Michael Schaffer

tech sparks logo 50x50 TechSparks Pitchfest & Entrepreneur Mixer

TechSparks investigates the Social Spark Theory, which states that when driven, smart people play games and socialize, they will spark big ideas that change the world.
Contact: Jennifer Chang  Sonya Lee

Pasadena Women in Technology

Join our monthly meetup to accelerate the advancement of Pasadena women in technology! Right now we are hosting social events to share our expertise and networks, discuss personal and professional goals and challenges, and to help each other out!
Contact: Melody King



cybersecurity logo 50x50 2 Cybersecurity Meetup

Job creators, big business, small business and independents are all encouraged to join us for an enlightening conversation on events, trends and analysis of all aspects  of cybersecurity.
Contact: Michael Schell

healthcare logo 50x50 Healthcare Innovation, Design, Technology & Startups

This meet up is anyone in the community interested in learning about opportunities in the healthcare industry and its need for innovation, design, technology and startups.
Contact: Nardo Manoloto

Pasadena AI, Blockchain, Crypto, Investors Meetup

Our monthly meetup will explore the development, application, and social impact of AI and blockchain. Meetups will feature presentations and panels with leading executives, developers, and visionaries in the blockchain and AI industries, with networking time proceeding and following each meetup.
Contact: Join the Meetup to be informed of dates and locations of the events.

pebble la logo 50x50 Pebble LA

We share Pebble app or integration demos from our partners, developers, or anyone who attends the meetup and wants to share. Curious developers of all experience levels interested in seeing great examples of what Pebble can do and learn how to build their first Pebble app welcome!
Contact: Ronny Carr 

sgv logo logo 50x50 San Gabriel Valley Tech Meetup

San Gabriel Valley Tech People (SGVTech) is an umbrella group encompassing the San Gabriel Valley Linux User’s Group (SGVLUG), San Gabriel Valley HAK (SGVHAK),Pasadena Ubuntu Hour and SGV Drupal groups. We are a community of people interested in topics such as, but not limited to: Linux, open source software, hardware hacking, microcontrollers, Drupal and Ubuntu.
Contact: James

wordpress logo 50x50 WordPress Pasadena Meetup

If you’re near Pasadena and work with WordPress, why not come on out and meet other people who are also working with one of the most popular web publishing platforms out there. All experience levels are welcome to attend!

Contact: Alex Vasquez



designx logo 50x50 Design X Meetup

This meetup is for those who are passionate about integrating design into their business and personal life.
Contact:  Agustin Grube

enterprise_tech_la Enterprise Tech LA

Enterprise Tech LA is a quarterly meetup for community for entrepreneurs, UX designers, developers, project managers and individuals interested in the development and design of Enterprise products.
Contact: Join the Meetup to be informed of dates and locations of the events.

hypercube logo 50x50 Hypercube

Hypercube is a Meetup group in Pasadena, California. This group is geared towards anyone who utilizes technology as a means of human expression — creative coders, musicians, game developers, sound designers, animators, graphic designers, performers, etc are all welcome to join!

Living in Space

Living in Space is a monthly meetup intended to encourage cross-pollination of ideas amongst designers, engineers, artists and thinkers that are interested in all aspects of becoming a spacefaring civilization.
Contact: Join the Meetup to be informed of dates and locations of the events.

nelaux logo 50x50 NELAUX

Dedicated to establishing a community of UX Designers, Entrepreneurs and Engineers to develop and promote innovation in Northeast LA.
Contact: Jon Fox  Petra Wennberg Cesario

nelaux logo 50x50 We’ll Talk UX Meetup

Whatever you make, you’ll need to test it out with those things called people. Chances are that’s who you’re making it for anyway. Add your work and your expertise to our friendly discussion, add meet some of your design peers, too.
Contact: Mike Estano



Pasadena 3D Printing

Are you interested in 3D printing? Are you an expert who has designed 3D printers, or someone who is just interested to hear what it’s about? Our meetup is designed to let people of all abilities mingle, chat, and compare notes. Bring a print to show off successes or your failures to get advice.
Contact:  Joan Horvath

hackaday logo 50x50 Hackaday LA Meetup

This meetup is for Hackaday.io members in the Greater Los Angeles area. If you’ve not seen Hackaday.io, but this group interests you please take a look!
Contact:  Jasmine Brackett

makerden logo 50x50 Makerden | Makers, Designers, Engineers, Musicians, DIYers, Arduinoists, Raspberry-Pians

We are a community open to everyone: from those who just want to get a general sense of the basics of electronics and programming, to those with the technical savvy to pursue projects on their own.
Contact:  Cisco [Makerbro]