rails girls 2-wThere’s no better time than now to start learning a new skill. That’s one of the philosophies behind Rails Girls, a free two-day workshop for women who want to learn and build web apps. Started in 2010 in Finland, Rails Girls has spread to places like Turkey, Egypt, Japan, Peru and now Los Angeles for the second year.

Women of all ages and experience levels, mostly beginners, will learn how to sketch, prototype, program and deploy a web app. Entirely run and taught by volunteers, local web developers mentor two students at a time to provide a comfortable learning space. At last year’s event in Santa Monica, some women came to get introduced to the tools and vocabulary for fun and curiosity. Other students used it as a launchpad for transitioning careers – and have started working as software engineers all around Los Angeles.

Do you want to help educate women and take a part in changing the ratio of women in technology? Rails Girls is organized by volunteers and funded solely through sponsors. We would appreciate your support!