LA Business Journal

02/23/2018 – Pasadena’s New Profile


Pasadena Star-News

10/19/2017 – Electric scooter races? Stop by Pasadena City Hall on Friday night and you’ll see it



10/17/2017 – Innovate Pasadena Connect ’17


Pasadena Now

10/13/2017 – Getting Smarter Every Day: Innovative Pasadena AI Company Helps Monetize ‘Thinking’


Press Release

10/10/2017 – Experience the Intersection of Technology, Art, Design and Science at Innovate Pasadena’s Connect ’17 October 13-22


Pasadena Independent

5/10/2017 – Innovate Pasadena: Enabling The Future


Pasadena Media

11/04/2016 – Big Bang Block Party 2016



11/03/2016 –  Catching Up With Mike Giardello, President of Innovate Pasadena


KCBS Los Angeles

10/20/2016 – Innovate Pasadena Big Bang Block Party


Pasadena Now

10/20/2016 – Big Bang Block Party is Stellar Success


Los Angeles Daily News

10/19/2016 – Why is it so difficult to get more women in tech jobs? Self doubt plays a role


Pasadena Star-News

10/16/2016 – InnovateLA Celebrates Creativity in the Los Angeles Region


Delta Sky Magazine

5/2016, Innovation Nation


Pasadena Now

02/08/2016 – Connect Week


Los Angeles Daily News

10/23/2015 – Failure Is Often What Fuels Success


Huffington Post

9/22/2015 – Pasadena Startups Bridge Design and Technology


Pasadena Star-News

08/17/2015 – Guerrero to Head Marketing Efforts for Innovate Pasadena


Pasadena Now

08/07/2015 – Top Techies Tout Turning Off More Taps at Friday Hackathon


Pasadena Weekly

08/06/2015 – Creative Intersections: Innovative EpicSpaces Co-Working is reinventing the workplace


LA TechDigest

06/04/2015 – INNOVATE PASADENA Committed to Promoting Area Tech & Design


Pasadena Star-News

03/09/2015 – Webulas forges ahead with ‘augmented reality’ marketing


LA Times

03/07/2015 – Tech scene takes hold in revitalized downtown L.A.


San Gabriel Valley Tribune

02/27/2015 – Cross Campus, innovation and technology center, holds grand opening in Pasadena


LA Business Journal

02/16/2015 – Making the Connection


Pasadena Star-News

10/22/2014 – Envision 2014 highlights Pasadena’s technology, design innovation community


LA Business Journal

09/22/2014 – Pasadena Proves Popular As Center of Enterprise


SoCal Tech News

06/20/2014 – Silicon Beach Fest: Catching Up With Kevin Winston


LA Register

06/19/2014 – LA’s Silicon Scene: Moving East (Cross Campus)


LA Business Journal

06/17/2014 – Cross Campus Expands to Pasadena


Pasadena Star-News

06/16/2014 – Cross Campus to spur business innovation, collaboration in Old Pasadena


LA Times

06/15/2014 – How I Made It Designer jumped into the 3-D printing game at just the right time


San Marino Tribune

06/12/2014 – Innovate Pasadena – CONNECT Weekend



06/09/2014 – The Sprawling Booming LA Tech Scene is Having a Moment


LA Times

05/29/2014 – Beyond Google Glass: Wearable tech hats, clothes, even nail polish



05/28/2014 – Meet New Matter: A sub-$300 3D printer and design marketplace so easy a caveman can use it


Los Angeles Register

05/02/2014 – Pasadena data forensic firm knows no digital file is ever really deleted


Pasadena Now

03/14/2014 – Difference Makers and Disruptors Connect, Aim to “Reinvent Pasadena”



03/13/2014 – Pasadena Touting Hidden High-Tech Community



03/12/2014 – Innovate Pasadena aims to build tech, design ecosystem


LA Times

03/09/2014 – Pasadena’s mature tech scene aims to emerge from Silicon Beach shadow


Fast Company

02/27/2014 – Los Angeles is a Sleeping Software Titan That’s About To Wake Up


Press Release

02/18/2014 – Innovate Pasadena Presents CONNECT, the Inaugural Citywide Event for Difference Makers and Disruptors


LA Times

12/12/13- Developers see Pasadena as an inland version of Silicon Beach


SoCal Tech News

12/12/13 – DFR2013: Over 700 Celebrate The socalTECH 50 At The Skirball Center


Be Great Partners

10/25/13 – LA Startup Report


Tech Zulu

10/25/13 – LA Startup Report 2013 | A Rising Forecast


San Gabriel Valley Tribune

10/11/13- Mingling with the angels at the techie meet-ups: Larry Wilson


SoCal Tech News

07/16/13 – Catalyzing Innovation In Pasadena, with Innovate Pasadena


Pasadena Star News

07/10/13 – High-tech strategy partners Art Center College of Design, Caltech and Idealab


Pasadena Magazine

07/01/13 – Summer Issue: A Scene Is Born


LA Business Journal

06/27/13 – Pasadena Entrepreneurs Launch Non-Profit To Promote Innovation


Press Release

06/26/13 – Introducing INNOVATE PASADENA
Education, Business, Tech Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Investors and Accelerators Merge Strengths to Promote Pasadena as a Leading Center of Innovation for Technology & Design


SoCal Tech News

06/26/13 – Innovate Pasadena Seeks To Focus Pasadena’s Innovation, Tech Efforts


Pasadena Magazine

06/26/13 – Blog: Calling all Entrepreneurs, Tech Leaders and Innovators!


Pasadena Now

06/26/13 – INNOVATE PASADENA Launches, Strives to Unify Local Tech Efforts

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