The Pasadena summer internship program is coordinated by the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce in partnership with Pasadena Unified School District. The objective is to give youth experience in an industry of interest before they enter their final year of high school. Internships can be the sea change high school students need to apply for a particular college and pursue a career path with confidence.

Candidates will be ready to interview with host organizations by mid-May and able to start in early June.

Below is a broad overview of the summer internship program:

Duration – All interns are expected to complete a total of 60 hours at their placement. Hours should be completed between June to mid-August, 2018.

Expectations – Interns should be treated like a new employee. Give them a tour, explain dress code, company policies and provide contact information for emergency communication. Interns are there to learn about a particular industry; give them tasks, allow them to shadow and any other appropriate role to gain a greater understanding of the job.

Donations – We ask that all hosts donate a $250 contribution for intern stipends or pay them directly from your payroll.

You can sign up to be a host here.