One curious real estate blogger at Movoto recently wondered: outside America’s biggest cities, where is the most artistic activity happening? Well, in Pasadena, of course.

To find out what many of us already suspected, she conducted a study, comparing “the 100 second most populous cities in the US.” She ranked each by seven ‘most-per-capita’ criteria (art stores, music stores, galleries, art schools and classes, bookstores, and colleges and universities), then averaged their ranks to form a top-ten list. Leading in no fewer than FOUR categories, Pasadena won the second-place spot.

Interestingly, the victor–Salt Lake City–didn’t rank #1 in ANY category, but ranked highly more consistently (five 2s, a 3 and an 8). But let’s save the math for a Caltech post.

Enjoy the full article here.