Walking past the rock sculpture and crayfish ponds, on quiet paths carpeted with jacaranda blossoms, you can explore Caltech and almost forget about the incredible knowledge buzzing inside its handsome stuccoed walls. Caltech’s campus is as accessible and enjoyable as it is venerable and intimidating–thanks to iTunes U, the same can now be said for some of its curriculum.

Of course, in some cases the emphasis is on intimidating–the Everhart lecture series, for example, might be a bit of a chore without graduate-level scientific literacy…. But there’s a little something for everyone. Public keynotes and panels and the prestigious Watson Lectures, along with sold-out TEDx conferences (like the wildly popular 2013 Brain Food event for middle- and high-schoolers) are at your fingertips. Before, most of us couldn’t have gotten this close to a Caltech lesson without sneaking in. You can dig in here!